Trustworthy Septic Tank Support


At Thompson Backhoe & Excavating, we specialize in prompt septic tank installation and septic system repairs for residential and commercial entities in the Huntsville, Alabama, area. All of our services are insured, and our technicians have proper CDL licenses and qualifications to ensure all the work done on your property is safely and legally performed.

If your toilet is not flushing properly or you are experiencing leaks in the pipes, we can fix your issues quickly and adequately. We will travel to your property, gain a general understanding of the problem and repair it. It's that simple.

Full-Service Digging


If you a have a ditch that needs digging, we're your crew for the job! With our professional equipment and laborers, we are able to dig for any need possible. We will excavate dirt and ground matter for pipes and electrical wire, new construction sites, basements, and foundations of homes. We even offer limited landscaping services and provide full clean up after the job is done.

Expert Land Clearing


Along with our digging services, we offer land clearing for all of our customers. With our Kubota™ mini excavator and a skid steer loader, we can easily clear any area. With cleaning and haul-off available with all land clearing, you are left with a beautifully clean and open area.

Along with all our services, we provide free estimates and bids. Since every job is done differently, the cost of your installations or repair will vary.